Sunday, 11 November 2012

Another day, another gift from slave Martin

He's terrified I will let you (and his closest family and contacts) see a photo of him within his hood removed, and the sort of things he does. To keep me sweet, my pathetic hooded slave ensures I receive regular gifts.

A very good policy!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Introducing Sissy Cuck Slut Greg

Thought you'd all like to meet my latest pathetic sissy slut acquisition. His name is Greg (surname withheld by me for the present time, provided he keeps serving and obeying), and as you see not only is he under tight chastity control, but he just loves his Mistress's worn tights. Here he is modelling them.

Thank you all for the positive comments received to date about my new Blog, and the latest requests for my worn panties and other items. I am progressing them as normal, and will email you individually to inform you when items have been posted.

Those of you who have contacted me this last day or so about moneyslave positions will be hearing from me later this evening with what I expect of you in your next steps.

All further enquiries to be emailed as normal to

Sunday, 4 November 2012

I'm Back !!

Well hello again everyone and welcome to my new Blog. It's great to be back after a few months doing other projects. 

Your Mistress has been fully occupied this last few months, but I've been keeping up to date with my loyal slaves over email.  Hopefully I'll be able to put some quality time into maintaining this Blog over the coming months. Naturally I've still got all of those naughty photos you've sent me of yourselves in the past, all waiting to be exposed again on here.

For those of you who don't know me yet I am Mistress Zoe, a highly dominant young woman in my 20s, living in England. For the last couple of years I've been dominating clients and helping many of you express your submissive sides to me. 

I get all sorts of people writing to me, mainly guys in need of domination, and plenty who simply want to enjoy my sexy used underwear, footwear and other clothing items.. 

I don't mind which country you live in. The Internet has made it possible for me to correspond with slaves from many different countries, and I'm also happy to send packages all over the world. 

What I do expect from clients is good behaviour, complete honesty and respect. I won't put up with time wasters and will quickly drop anyone who I believe is not worthy of my attention. 

Let me tell you about the types of people who tend to approach me.  

Slaves and Subbies

I am used to dealing with slaves with a variety of experience. If you are maybe a nervous novice that is so problem to me whatsoever. I can and will help you through your first stages of submission, and help develop you as a slave.  

You will serve, obey and worship me at all times if you know what's good for you. I won't tolerate any disrespect or defiance. You need controlling, and to be pushed, humiliated and degraded to a level I'm happy with. Some of you may even need some enforced gay experiences I imagine. 

You'd just love a highly dominant twenty-something English girl as your Owner, bossing you around wouldn't you?  I'll have you punished if I'm unhappy with you. In fact I'll have you punished anyway regardless. I need to know I have slaves who will suffer for me. 

Underwear Fetishists, Pantyslaves and Pantysniffers

So many of you have purchased so much of my worn underwear, footwear and discarded clothing these last few years, it's good to know that I have a small army of admirers worshipping my items. My worn and used panties, tights, stockings, bras, socks are always very popular, but there's so much more to this aspect of my services. 

Firstly, I love to see you wearing or sniffing my items, and seeing photos of you using them for your pleasure. I like to dominate you by telling you how I want you to use my worn panties, and what I want you to fantasise about when you are masturbating. I want to get a full report back, preferably with photos of what you did. You do want to please me don't you?  Of course, my worn panties are full of those various scents and stains all you bad boys like to sniff and taste.  Do you like panties or thongs? Perhaps you would prefer some tights I've worn without any panties underneath? Maybe there are certain types of stains and scents you prefer over others? I'm sure we can cum to an arrangement.  Let me know what you'd like and I'll get back to you. 

Some of you I'm sure need to be wearing MY used underwear at all times. I won't be happy until the sissies among you have cleared out your pathetic male underwear drawer and replaced it with my panties, stockings, tights and anything else I feel appropriate. 

I guess some of you fat and out of shape pigs have a pair of man boobs that need to be controlled with a bra. 

Sissy Slut Bitches

Some of you sissy slut boys definitely need to express your femininity, and Mistress is here to help you. I'm sure you'd love to model your own female clothing, underwear, footwear and maybe wig and make-up for me to see, and if you're good we'll let others see your work. Keep this a secret but there are lots of 'straight' boys out there who would even love to get their hands (and more) all over a nice feminised sissy slut in 'her' sexy undies.    

Naughty Uncles and Bad Boys

I'm well aware that there are a number of guys out there who are maybe 20 years or so older than me, and who should know better, but you still like to try it on don't you? 

Maybe you are just like the naughty uncle I had some fun with that Xmas I came home from University. Remember? 

I got a message that you had a Christmas present for me, so I dropped by on Christmas Eve.  Of course I'd had a secret crush on you since I was about 16. I used to blush a bit when I saw you eyeing me up when I wore shorts, or a short skirt, and when you used to tease me about boyfriends. 

When I visited you on that Christmas Eve I was already a bit tipsy from drink and a bit flirty with it. Remember when we were by the mistletoe and had a little kiss, then another little kiss, then a longer kiss? Then we went over onto the sofa and had some tonguey kisses and cuddles. Remember when your hand went up my skirt and mine went down your trousers? Then you gently pleasured me with your finger, and you let me take care of that big hard sexy tool with my hand.  Oh yes, that's you all over - BAD boys. 

I know lots of you like to email and chat with me online about things like this, and maybe you'd also like to see some naughty videos and photos of things I've done? 

Paypigs and Paypets

Your job is simple. If you want my precious time and attention you'll need to keep paying and paying for it. I want to take EVERYTHING from you, and of course I fully deserve it.  What's more you'll have to BEG me for my attention.

Most of you paypigs are sad ugly old guys who could never get involved with a girl like me. Some of you will be stuck with a wife who won't give you the sexy times you crave anymore. 

You wouldn't get a second look from me normally, and the only reason I'm giving you any attention at all is because you came to me as a money-slave and a paypig in great need of domination and exploitation. 

Believe me, I want to take it ALL from you paypig, and you'd better keep on paying if you to keep me. Do you really think you can interest me apart from your wallet and credit and debit cards?  And don't worry, I'll love exploiting you, and will ensure you keep paying or I'll be exposing you to your loved ones, neighbours, workmates and anyone else I choose.  Some paypigs actually love to be exposed online. I'll enjoy posting photos of you right here, providing of course you reward me for my kindness.   

Money Slaves and Blackmailed Bitches

I just love pathetic slaves who come to me begging for Financial Domination and Consensual Blackmail. You'll provide me with important personal information, some revealing, compromising and potentially damaging photographs of yourself, and providing you keep saying 'Yes Mistress' to my many financial demands, I'll keep your secrets safe. You'll need to jump though when I give orders, and I'll keep pushing you hard. 

Very very rarely will I ever give you back your freedom once you're in my web, and certainly not without a settlement that is acceptable to me. Upset me and I'll expose you everywhere bitch.  

Cuckold slaves

I absolutely LOVE my cuckies.  You know you need to be humiliated and I just love humiliating you. There's no way you can ever be allowed to pleasure my body in any way whatsoever. The best you can hope for cuck is that I will tell you all about the sexy times I enjoy with my well-endowed boyfriend, and the sexy girlfriend who still likes to come to bed with me now and again.  I certainly don't want your small penis. Quite frankly it should be kept teased, aroused, but generally denied any form of release. Best of all kept in chastity under my firm control. 

As a pathetic cuckold, I expect you to fund holidays, and provide gifts and so forth that my boyfriend and I enjoy. If I say so you will have to submit to my boyfriend as well, with him dominating you. And because you are so pathetic, I think we need to ensure that my readers are kept up-to-date with your progress. Oh that is just SO right isn't it cucky? 

While we're on the subject, meet Cucky Dave of Essex. 

Small Penis Slaves

There's nothing as pathetic as a submissive male with a small penis, and I don't need any encouraging to humiliate you about it.  If you want ANY attention from me, you'll need to show it to me, and I'll then show it to my readership,  girlfriends and invite everyone to comment on it. Naturally, you'll need to reward me for my efforts, and ensure you keep me happy in the only way you can. 

Let me spell it out for you pindick : the ONLY things a slave with a small penis can expect from me is punishment, humiliation, public exposure and to be made to pay for things.  You KNOW that's all you deserve. Just like this pathetic little bitch below, Terry Smalldick of Lancashire.

Stroker Boys and Cam Boys

If you want to perform for a young Mistress while you are on your camera, look no further. I am very experienced in these matters. 

You'll strip for me then perform on your webcam for me, while I remain clothed and out of reach. I'll tease you hard, keep you aroused while we chat over Messenger, and if I think you've deserved it, I'll let you give yourself relief while I observe. Maybe I'll keep you in chastity. Everything is controlled by your Mistress. Needless to say, all sessions have to be paid for in advance, and scheduled for a time agreed by us both. 


Probably my favourite category of them all. You are a useless piece of trash, the last person I'd have ANY sort of relationship with. You can't keep away though from dominant young women like myself, who will ONLY give you time providing that you pay for it. And keep paying. You get nothing, I get everything. Your thoughts should SOLELY be focussed  around keeping me happy, no matter how much I humiliate you in the process. And I expect you to enjoy that humiliation. You will deny yourself the things you need or want, to ensure that your Mistress is kept happy. 

There are various categories of Losers. I call them Gold, Silver and Bronze losers. It will be your job and your ambition to ascend to that place on the very top of the podium, where you reach Gold Medal status as my proud Loser. 
Female slaves

Yes, I do have some, and I'd like some more. You need to be pushed just as hard as your male counterparts, very often more so. I won't be happy until you are obediently worshipping me, and paying me well for my domination of you. 

Next Steps

Whichever of the above categories you might belong in, I will accept respectful applications at